Choosing a Lawn Care Company

Get the Finest Lawn Care Service!

green and healthy lawn Choosing the right lawn care service company will help you save time, money and hassle. Here are some tips on how to select a company that will provide you with a high quality service.

Evaluate Your Needs

In order to choose a company that can fully meet your lawn care needs, you should first define those needs. Do you need lawn mowing, trimming or fertilization? Do you also need someone to help you with your flower beds? Do you need help with the programming and maintenance of your irrigation system? Not all lawn care companies provide the same set of services. Some provide all of the services mentioned above, while others specialize only in certain areas.

Read Reviews and Get Recommendations

Reading the company’s reviews online can be very helpful. You can also check with the BBB, Chamber of Commerce, your friends, relatives and neighbors. If you like somebody’s lawn, ask them who takes care of it. If they happen to do this themselves, they will be flattered. If they use professional lawn maintenance services, they will be happy to tell you who provides them with these services. Remember to take reviews with a grain of salt. The majority of people only write public reviews when they are upset. This is why you should also make sure to see the company’s portfolio or references.

Get a Quote in Writing

When you have found companies that provide the services you need, ask them for a written quote. Make sure you get quotes from several service providers. In this way, you will also get a good idea of their response time, customer service and overall professionalism. Ask the companies to come to your place and evaluate your individual situation. Ask the contractors about any additional services that your lawn might need, and why they would recommend them. A reputable company will be willing to do these things for you, in order to gain you as a customer.

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