The Secret of a Green and Verdant Lawn

Get Lawn Maintenance Tips for Easier Lawn Fertilizing, Quicker Lawn Mowing, and Greener Grass from the Garden Experts at Del Lawn Service.

Landscaped front yard of a house with flowers and green lawnA lush lawn makes a wonderful foil for flower borders, and provides an emerald focal point in winter when color is in short supply. There are many methods and techniques, designed for specific types of turf. However, all lawns benefit from regular mowing, and typical lawn maintenance.

Experts say that only high-quality lawns, freshly sown areas, and newly laid turf should be watered in dry periods. Established lawns don’t require watering, as long as you stop mowing them, so that the roots remain strong. The frequency a new lawn should be watered in dry seasons, is from one to three times a week. Reduce watering as the lawn gets established.

As simple as it may look like, we assure you that there is more to mowing than simply cutting grass. Experienced lawn maintenance contractors suggest you start mowing your lawn in spring, at a frequency of once a week. The mower’s blades should be set as high as possible at first, and then lowered as growth accelerates. In the summer, you should have your lawn mowed at least three times a week. Make sure you rake off the clippings. They may damage the turf. Finally, in autumn you can lower the frequency of your mowing to once a week.

A very common approach for avoiding the need to fertilize your lawn on a constant basis, is to leave the small clippings on the lawn when mowing. They provide a rich supply of nutrients for the soil, and help your grass grow faster and greener. Overfeeding a lawn may lead to fungal issues, and weak growth. We recommend using liquid or granular fertilizer not more than once a year.

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